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Patent No.: US 7,237,808 B2

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About  Us

Necessity being the mother of invention I guess is the reason Tru-Fit Alignment Solutions, Inc. was created. I have been involved in the metal tube bending and fabricating industry since 1968.  In 1971 I started my own business in the state of Michigan. In 1977 I returned to the state of Virginia and in 1978 formed Tri-Tube, Inc. We fabricate tubing both ferrous and non ferrous metals. Some require fittings and some don't. We supply fabricated tubes to the refrigeration compressor industry, outdoor barbeque grill industry, water heater industry, and others. Our involvement in a fit-up situation requiring flexibility, rigidity, and a stress free connection, led to the creation of the Tru-Fit style of fittings. The fittings have been in test on an automated hydraulic tube bender since the prototyping stage in May of 2004. The pressure has been a constant 1000 psig. The fittings, both flare and ferule type, are involved in the test, and are shown in the picture above. The ferrule is made of nylon and the fittings and tube are steel.

Art Porter

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