Magnetic Amplification &Neutralization

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While in the DWGS directory, left click on the directory containing the drawings you wish to download. Once there, right click on the file and choose Save target as. It's that simple. Left click on the photo to view the drawing. Click here to go to drawings index.

The linear version is of the one cylinder. These drawings are old and are in EasyCad 7. You may be able to import them into some other CAD software. They are also in photo format. To download in EasyCad or Photo format, you must do one at a time. There is a PDF file which contains all the drawings for the one cylinder version. Right click here and choose Save target as to download the PDF file or left click to view it. You may also download the file while viewing it.

If for some reason you can't view a PDF file, just download it to your computer and view it there.

Art Porter


A Truth About Electric Motors.

They don't operate on electricity. They run on magnetism. The magnetism they run on is produced by electricity.

Like a battery stores electricity, a permanent magnet stores magnetism. Unlike a battery, it's possible the magnet may never run down. 

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