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Magnetic Amplification and Neutralization

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This page contains links to all videos on my web-site. The first fourteen links are of The GAP POWER device. The other's at the bottom of the page still pertain to energy.

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Click on the appropriate title to view the video.

GAP Power Update August 2019
Good information not only about GAP Power but includes solar and hydrogen

GAP Power Update June 2019
Current Level of Progress
Good information for someone wanting to mass produce The GAP Generator

GAP Power Update March 2019
The above contains some great yet simple information

 Update October 2018  A very interesting and informative video.

Update May 2017  Latest test results, photos, and videos for The GAP Generator with no moving parts. Great stuff!

Click here  for info of how to duplicate.

 Update December 2016  The GAP Generator with no moving parts. I think you're going to like this.

Gap Power Update 05-06-2015   (18 minutes 49 seconds)

This is my ninth video. I added an animation of how I would expand the linear style of The GAP Generator. I think you'll find it interesting. I also added a PDF file which contains lots of good information.

Gap Power Update 02-28-2015   (14 minutes)

This is my eighth video. It has new information. Not really new, itís actually over one year old. It's about how I personally believe The GAP Generator works and just exactly what it is.

Gap Power Update 08-21-2013   (15 minutes)

This is my seventh video. It reveals the most recent tests results and how with just one seemingly small change The GAP Generator had a great increase in output power. I also discuss The Superposition Principle and how it relates to The GAP Generator. Click here to download the actual test data.

Gap Power Update 02-28-2013   (20.56 minutes)

This is my sixth video. This new information came about from questions and suggestions I've received from people all around the world. I made notes of everything I was told and after reviewing them closely, made some modifications to this device. I present this to you in the form of a video.

The Heat Test  (17.5 minutes)

This is the full length video of the heat test shown in my sixth video. It was performed on 12-27-2012. It was condensed to 3.8 minutes in the video of Gap Power Update 02-28-2013.

Gap Power Update 07-04-2012   (47.7 minutes)

My fifth video. A two cylinder linear model, which I converted from one of the one cylinder models.  In this video I describe how this device works. The full length video is 47.7 minutes long. It also is divided into chapters.

Gap Power Update 08-02-2011    (36.95 minutes)

My fourth video. The same one cylinder model. The only difference is, .... I replaced one of the three inch diameter magnets on the piston with a two inch diameter and got quite an increase in performance. The full length video is 36.95 minutes. It's also divided into chapters.

The GAP Motor/Generator   (35.5 minutes)

04-12-2011. My third video. The same one cylinder, where I demonstrate it producing electricity. At that time I try to explain what's going on. The light is being operated on the portion of the cycle that has no power applied from the batteries. It's powered only by the GAP Generator.

One Cylinder Lifting Weight   (47 minutes)

06-09-2010. My second video. A one cylinder linear type which mainly demonstrate it's power by lifting weight. There's also a demonstration of it producing electricity, proving that it is a generator in itself. The full length video is 47 minutes. It also is divided into chapters.

My First Design   (44 minutes)

Early 2009. This is my very first design of Amplification and Neutralization. A rotary version. It has sixteen coils with one three inch diameter magnet attach to each. The full length video is 44 minutes. It also is divided into chapters.

Wasting Our Natural Resources   (2.3 minutes).

04-18-2011. A short, simple, but informative example of how we waste energy.

The GAP Drive   (20 minutes)

02-11-2011. A New way to covert linear motion to rotary.

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I have stopped selling DVDs of the videos listed above. Anyone interested in some can contact me directly.

Thank you very much,

Art Porter

A Truth About Electric Motors.

They don't operate on electricity. They run on magnetism. The magnetism they run on is produced by electricity.

Like a battery stores electricity, a permanent magnet stores magnetism. Unlike a battery, it's possible the magnet may never run down.


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