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The GAP Generator
Latest tests and information August 2019

This update has lots of information. Not just about The GAP Generator but, solar, and hydrogen. I think you'll find it interesting. Feel free to copy to your computer anything you desire from this web-site. Spread this data around. It may help others working on similar projects.


1. Intro & Test Results  10 minutes. A short introduction & some detailed test results.

   Click here  for a pdf file of the tests results.

2. Two coil upright model  8.5 minutes. Very detailed information about The GAP Generator.

3. Two coil upright model  8.5 minutes. The same info as above except in an overview.

4. Inverters  9 minutes. A very good video describing inverters.

5. GAP inverter  2.2 minutes. Describing the GAP Generator as an inverter.

6. HHO generators  16 minutes. This video demonstrates hydrogen by electrolysis.

7. HHO generators for Electrolysis  4 minutes. The GAP Generator used for electrolysis.

Click here for information about electrolysis.

8. GAP for vehicles  24.5 minutes. You hydrogen fuel cell lovers will like this.

9. GAP in a vehicle  50 seconds long. Something to think about.

10. Balloon Video  2.45 minutes. I like this video and think it demonstrates one of the ways The GAP Generator produces electricity. I just couldn't resist putting on here again.

11. Click here to see a pdf of a battery state of charge layout.

12. Click here for actual two coil upright used. The other videos show drawings.

13. Click here for video of the only problem I have with The GAP Generator.

In the June 2019 update I said the following about myself. I thought I should back up what I said in that update. The statement below may mean a little more now.

A little about me. I've spent my entire adult life since 1968 being in the manufacturing industry. In 1969 I started my own business and have manufactured parts for various types of manufacturing businesses. Automotive Industry, Water Heater Industry, Nuclear Industry, Refrigeration Industry, and Military, just to name a few.  I've designed and built lots and lots of machines. Some very simple, some very complicated, and some in between. I not only made the machinery used in my own business but also made machinery for other manufacturing businesses that supplied those same industries as well. Although we were competitors, we all got along very well. ..... I didn't say all this to brag but, it's part of my credentials. I feel that I am a credible person.

I feel it's just a matter of time and the people of the world will demand a better way of producing energy. It appears someone, or some group, with powerful influence, has all but stopped the use of hydrogen to produce electricity. Hydrogen is another something I have knowledge of. I used hydrogen in my business for over twenty five years. I extracted it and nitrogen from anhydrous ammonia and used it in a brazing operation. That process is called hydrogen brazing. Click here to see photos of the two brazing furnaces in my operation. I know how to extract hydrogen and oxygen from water and do it at practically no cost. My home is all solar. I can use, and have used, those solar panels, to extract the hydrogen and oxygen from water using a method called electrolysis. I have two HHO Generators that I manufactured. It's simple and almost anyone can do it. You can burn the hydrogen or convert it back into electricity. It's simple. I guess too simple. I just don't understand why it hasn't taken off. I made the two HHO Generators for demonstration only.

Anyone interested in setting up a business to manufacture The GAP Power Generator may contact me at anytime by email or phone. Just click on the Contact us link.  

Contact us

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A Truth About Electric Motors.

They don't operate on electricity. They run on magnetism. The magnetism they run on is produced by electricity.

Like a battery stores electricity, a permanent magnet stores magnetism. Unlike a battery, it's possible the magnet may never run down. 

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