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Update July 4th 2012

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The GAP Generator

In the video I posted 08-02-2011, I did a chapter called "what Next". I decided to take that next step and I'm glad I did. I think you'll understand why after viewing this video.

To download any of the videos to your computer do the following. Without watching the video, right click on the link to the video you want, select Save Target As, choose the folder where you want it stored on your computer, and it will download.

Click here to download test data in Corel Quattro Pro or Microsoft Excel.

           1. Full Length Video
   47.76 minutes.

2. The Storm
32 seconds.  At my home July 2nd 2012.

3. Introduction
 2.6 minutes.

4. Putting The Generator Under Load
  1.5 minutes.

5. Explaining Input & Output
6.5 minutes.

6. Animation
3 minutes.

7. Intro to Test Results 
1.1 minutes.

8. Test 1
3.5 minutes.

9. Test 2
     2.85 minutes.

10. Test 3
       2.95 minutes.

11. Test 4
       2.6 minutes.

12. Test 5
       2.76 minutes.

13. Test 6
       2.46 minutes.

14. Test 7
       4 minutes.

14. Summary
       11 minutes.

Let me know what you think.



A Truth About Electric Motors.

They don't operate on electricity. They run on magnetism. The magnetism they run on is produced by electricity.

Like a battery stores electricity, a permanent magnet stores magnetism. Unlike a battery, it's possible the magnet may never run down. 

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