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Gap Power Update 02-28-2013

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The GAP Drive
A New way to covert linear motion to rotary

You know the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words". Well, a video must be worth more than a thousand pictures and more than many thousands of words. I could write a lot of words here about The GAP Drive, but I think it's best to just let the video do it for me. It's 20 minutes long. I think you'll find it very interesting.  I made this video on 02-11-2011 but posted it today 04-06-2011. My hope is that others will see this and find a way to implement it in their process. Just click on the link below.

Click Here to watch video


A Truth About Electric Motors.

They don't operate on electricity. They run on magnetism. The magnetism they run on is produced by electricity.

Like a battery stores electricity, a permanent magnet stores magnetism. Unlike a battery, it's possible the magnet may never run down. 

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