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The link below is to a DC - DC Step Up Converter
I think this could eliminate the need for BANK-2

Click here  to view the Step Up Converter from Amazon.
Install the Step Up Converter just before the blocking diode.
Click here to view video of how simple it is to increase voltage with a DC-DC Step UP Converter.
Click here to view un-edited video on YouTube.
Click here to view video of two power Supplies used with a DC-DC Step UP Converter.
Starting at 3 minutes and 19 seconds you can see that this Step Up Converter
can adjust amps also. The man will demonstrate this.

Click here to view un-edited video on YouTube.
Click here to view video of a DC-DC Step UP Converter as used with The GAP Generator.
Click here to view un-edited video on YouTube.

The GAP Generator as I now have it does not use a Step Up Converter. The reason is: They consume power. NOTE the heat sink attached to them. Unless you need heat, this is wasted energy. BUT, The GAP Generator generates lots of power. Enough power to make it worth while using a Step Up Converter. Using a Step Up Converter gives so many options it is amazing. In my design, (without a Step Up Converter), I had to figure out what input voltage was required to to operate The GAP Generator so The GAP Generator could properly charge a 24 volt battery bank. It turned out to be by using input from the 42 volt section of Bank-1, which is a 48 volt battery bank. Are you beginning to understand how confusing it was? Using a Step Up Converter eliminates all that and makes it very simple.

There is a man in Europe that duplicated The GAP Generator using Step Up Converters. it works GREAT. His system uses 24 volt battery banks. He uses Step Up Converters to increase the input voltage to the relay contacts of The GAP Generator to 42 volts. It WORKS GREAT. He has been operating his  for about 9 months now with no problems.

I have always thought two heads were better than one and therefore one thousand heads are much better than two. I decided to put The GAP Generator on the internet with all details of what I had done hoping others would see and make improvements. The man in the above paragraph did just that. There is another man in The USA has done it also. Others are in the process now.

Several people have duplicated the Linear Version. It's good but, very expensive to build.

I'm sure there are many ways to create an over unity device, (more output than input). I thank all who visit this web-site and view my humble approach.

Art Porter

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