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Back to Basics
In my previous update on 12-20-2023 I decided
DC - DC Step Up Converter work fine but they use lots of energy.
They have a huge heat sink and a fan to keep it cool. In electrical terms
I have always believed if heat is not what you want then you are wasting
energy. I have come to that conclusion with DC - DC Step Up converters.
I thought this could eliminate the need for BANK-2. but, turns out it doesn't.
So I have decided to return to basics.

The GAP Generator works GREAT just the way I had it before trying the DC - DC Step Up Converters. I think the first thing to do is watch a video of me describing the battery set up of  The GAP Generator then view some photos.

Click here to watch the 5 minute video about why Back to Basics.
From feedback I receive many questions about the batteries used on The GAP Generator. I decided to post that information here. Below is a video and a PDF file with that information.
Click here to watch the 4 minute video describing The GAP Generator batteries.
The 5 minute video above describes the batteries better.
Click here to view the PDF file.
Click here to view photo of 48 volt battery bank.
Click here to view photo of 24 volt battery bank.

I'm sure there are many ways to create an over unity device, (more output than input). I thank all who visit this web-site and view my humble approach.

Art Porter

A Truth About Electric Motors.

They don't operate on electricity. They run on magnetism. The magnetism they run on is produced by electricity.

Like a battery stores electricity, a permanent magnet stores magnetism. Unlike a battery, it's possible the magnet may never run down.

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